To provide encouragement and financial support for athletes who want to compete in, or trying to reach the pinnacle of their sport.


Our Vision

The beauty of growing up in this valley is the variety of sports it provides and athletes it produces. The aim of FJELLBARN is to help individuals and families afford the cost of any sports program in the valley. It is our belief that no child or athlete should ever have to forego the opportunity to participate in a sport or be denied to live out an athletic dream, simply because they cannot afford it.

There are two tiers of The Fjellbarn Foundation: Fjellbarn and Fjellbarn Elite.

  • The introductory tier focuses on children and families who simply cannot afford the cost of some sport that is available to be apart of.
  • The elite tier focuses on athletes who have competed in their sport for over 5 years and have a focus on reaching the pinnacle of that sport. These athletes will be awarded the Lyndon Ellefson Scholarship.