Fjellbarn Fund Scholarships


Thank you for your interest in the Fjellbarn Fund.  Please take your time in completing the following application. 

Before you begin, please have the following ready to attach:

  1. Athletic resume
  2. A letter from a coach, family friend or teacher

Application Periods:

January 1 - February 28/29 (Athletes notified the first week of March)

July 1 - September 30 (Athletes notified the first week of October)

Requirements for applying: 

  1. Must live in Eagle County
  2. Need legitimate* financial assistance in order to compete in your sport
  3. Must be older than 15 years old

*If your application is accepted, an agreement will exist between the Fjellbarn Fund and you as an athlete. This agreement goes beyond a signature and handshake. We give you this opportunity to be true to your absolute needs as an athlete, as our goal as a fund is to support those athletes that are truly running into financial roadblocks. We appreciate your honesty in this application.

Requirements if your receive funds:

  1. Athletes will be required to give back to their community by participating in 1 community work day (4 hours minimum) per the calendar year per scholarship received


*We acknowledge that much of the information you are providing is sensitive. Your responses will only be viewed by the Board of Directors for the Fjellbarn Fund.

Fjellbarn Introductory Tier Scholarship


The Fjellbarn tier focuses on children and families who simply cannot afford the cost of some sport that is available to be apart of.

The Introductory Tier Scholarship provides financial assistance to any athlete wishing to participate in a sport of their choice. 

Apply Below and see how Fjellbarn can support you

Fjellbarn Elite Tier- Lyndon Ellefson Scholarship


The Lyndon Ellefson Scholarship provides financial assistance to a Vail Valley athlete who has a focus on reaching the pinnacle of that sport, but needs financial assistance to continue to their athletic goals. They have accomplished many things and have competed in their sport for 5 or more years, but may need assistance to reach the next level. 

Lyndon Ellefson was a long time athlete and member of the community in the valley. He always believed in giving individuals over the top encouragement and support no matter their skill level, as well as giving back to the community that had given him so much. Lyndon tragically passed away in a glacier running accident in 1998 and the scholarship was created in his memory.

Apply Below and see how Fjellbarn can support you


Lyndon Ellefson on a trail run in the Vail Valley